Snowboarder | Model | Ballet Dancer | Wakeboarder

Asian Snowboarder Girl from Indonesia

Zazi Landman

At the age of 7, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to learn snowboarding, and jump just like the big guys in the snowpark. I took my first snowboard and freestyle lessons in January of 2019, and I haven’t stopped riding since.
Each year, this snowboard girl, thanks to the support of my parents, I have been spending a lot of time riding in the snow. And I am very fortunate to be able to train with some of the best coaches in Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and New Zealand.
The Indonesian Olympic Committee supports me in my dreams to compete for my country and in collaboration with the FIS (International Ski Federation)has set up the Indonesian Snowboard & Ski Federation.
So here I am, an Asian Snowboarder Girl from Indonesia


Name: Betari Zazi Landman
Known as: Zazi
Date of Birth: May 9, 2012
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesia / Netherlands
Residence: Sitges, Spain
Home Park(s): El Tarter, Andorra
Disciplines: SlopeStyle, Big Air
Stance: Regular
Fis Number:


Snowboard: Nitro Spirit
Boots: Nitro Droid Boa
Bindings: Nitro Charger
Outerwear: Protest Sportswear
Helmet: Shred Totality Noshock
Goggles: Shred Nastify
Body protection: Xion Protective Gear


At what age did you start with snowboarding?
7 years.
Where did you start snowboarding?
In Andorra at Coliflor Freestyle Park in El Tarter and Sunsetpark Peretol.
What is your local favourite board shop?
Slidewayz snowboard shop in Soldeu.
Who are your idols?
Chloe Kim, Eileen Gu, Cool Wakashina.
What do you do besides snowboarding?
Modelling, Ballet, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding.
What’s your favourite dish to eat at home?
Are you on Social Media?
Yeah, I am on Insta and YouTube.
What’s your favourite trick right now?
FS 360.
What is your dream trick to learn ?
BS 540.
Favourite book?
New Kid.
Any words of advice?
Be like water …