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My First Time Freestyle Snowboarding

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

After snowboarding for 4 times, I asked my parents if I could try freestyle with my instructor Manel Maestre.

He had told me about it a few times, and I had seen him doing jumps when I was on the pistes. He was very good at it. Check out his instagram:

My parents agreed, I could go up with Manel to try some stunts in Snowpark El Tarter (Grandvalira, Andorra).

I was so excited 😎.

We had even a video made, and here is the result ... 🤘

Wow, what a snow season it was 😍

I just started snowboarding a few weeks ago, and I am already doing freestyle now at 7 years old. I will never forget this.

A big thank you again to Manel Maestre for teaching me so much!

Manel Maestre, snowboard instructor of Zazi Landman, 7 year old snowboarding girl. February 2020 at El Tarter - Grandvalira, Andorra.
thank Manel, you are the best

Hi, I am Zazi Landman, a 7 year old snowboard girl. This year I have been snowboarding for the first year in Granvalira, Andorra.
I got a tan from all the snowboarding in the sun 😎

Unfortunately the season came to a quick end this year due to the Corona Virus.

So I hope snow will fall early in 2020 and we can go up to Andorra again. I want to continue snowboarding, and already asked my parents if I could compete in competitions in the Pyrenees.

So for now, enjoy the summer sun 🌞. I will keep you posted on my snowboarding adventures.

Bye bye,


PS if you are looking for a chalet in El Tarter, Andorra, check out

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